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Blanche Take ‘This Town’ to Task

Set firmly in the Motor City, rootsy garage rockers Blanche liveand play amidst a vast urban decay. The setting of the band’s new videofor “What This Town Needs,” once home to Henry Ford’s Model TAutomobile Plant, provides a disturbingly picturesque representation ofthe rotting Americana about which they sing. From behind a camera lens,the grit of peeling paint and cracked ceilings conjure reminiscence ofan industrial heyday, a far cry from the neglect and unemployment thatplagues the historic locale today.

Looking like a mini-CoenBrothers film, the clip (directed by Kevin Carrico) features aperformance scene in sepia tones, allowing the band’s blue-collar stompa proper vintage visual. A Rosie the Riveter-type — decked out byvocalist Tracee Mae Miller — faces off against a more insidious Mr.Monopoly — as played by vocalist/guitarist Dan Miller — the crookedpolitician’s shady dealings embodying the band’s lyrical condemnations.Touting tough love lines like “What this town needs is a little bit ofdignity,” Dan’s vocal trade-off burns at the hands of the barbed butTracee Mae’s neo-Loretta Lynn drawl helps to soften the blow, ensuringthat behind the unrest lies some tried and true hometown pride. Little Amber Bottles, Blanche’s follow up to 2004’s If We Can’t Trust the Doctors, drops Oct. 23 via the Original Signal label.

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