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While on the road for two straight years, Swedish quintet Mando Diao found the inspiration for their upcoming third album, Ode to Ochrasy (out April 24 on Mute), in the late-night, after-show hours. But “Long Before Rock’n’Roll” was more than just inspired by those moments; it was actually a song the band would play for friends as an acoustic, backstage jam. Sped up and electrified on Ode to Ochrasy, the song is undeniably infectious with joint-popping riffs and a scream-along chorus. In another attempt to stray from the traditional, Mando Diao performed “Long Before Rock’n’Roll” at the Swedish Grammys with an entire orchestra. “We did a performance with a huge Russian folk orchestra who played balalaikas and it was very, very cool,” guitarist/vocalist Gustaf Norén told

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