Protokoll’s William Blake-Inspired Cut

On the hypnotic, squiggly-synth ridden dance anthem “Sunken” off their self-titled EP (out Oct. 10), electro-pop upstarts Protokoll look to William Blake for inspiration. “I was reading a lot of Blake, and that’s where I got inspiration for the imagery in the song,” vocalist/guitarist Jose De Lara told Seem odd a seminal British wordsmith could be the muse of an indie electronic outfit 250 years after his career? It’s not, De Lara explains. “The use of paradox is something Blake employs,” the frontman said, referring to the inspiration behind some of his band’s lyrics. “The ‘lonesome party’ really makes perfect sense: In a sea of social stimulus, you can still feel alone.”

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Protokoll – “Sunken” (Download MP3)

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