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The Go! Team

Sounds Like: Old school hip-hop, northern soul, blaxploitation soundtracks, and low-fi fuzz sewn together with friendship bracelets and adorned with Cracker Jack prizes. This can (and will) be the soundtrack to every cool indie-rock dad’s iMovies, where baby shakes his rattle to cutesy tunes like “Bottle Rocket” and “Friendship Update.” But it’s not all loops and samples; vocalist Ninja’s Motown-era tones will have many wondering if Phil Spector is licensing old vocal tracks from his ex-wife Ronnie to pay for his murder trial.

Fun Facts: Comprised of three boys and three girls, the Go! Team takes its name from the agile crews dispatched to tidy up airplanes in-between flights–an apt choice considering how the band makes a living off re-imagining things others might have discarded. Case in point: they were commissioned to remix the Polyphonic Spree’s overlooked album cut, “Soldier Girl.” Central Go! Team songwriter Ian Parton cites the Rocky theme as an inspiration for the record’s ample horn sounds.