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See Vicky Cryer Smash Guitars Underwater in ‘Synthetic Love’

Jason Hill initially made his name with the cheeky garage-rock gang Louis XIV, but he’s been incredibly busy behind the scenes since that band went o…
Chris Martins / April 5, 2013

Discover Anya Marina’s Lauper-Like Warble

Before she moved to Los Angeles to concentrate on her career as a musician, Anya Marina spent her days spinning other people's records -- lot…
Mikael Wood / December 24, 2008

From the Eastsport Cafe at Lollapalooza ’08: Louis XIV

Louis XIV has a bit of history with SPIN. Our good pal and former co-worker Sarah "Ultragrrrl" Lewitinn was one of the first people i…
SPIN Staff / August 3, 2008