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Watch the Strobe-Heavy Video for RP Boo’s Footwork Anthem ‘Speakers R-4 (Sounds)’

It's hard to shake the nagging suspicion that electronic dance music is getting awfully, worryingly polite — but don't blame RP Boo. The Chicago native'…
By: Philip Sherburne / April 9, 2013

Hear DJ Rashad’s ‘Let it Go,’ a Lonely Junglist Daydream

Last year, SPIN took a feature-deep dive into Chicago's explosive footwork scene in part inspired by the movement's musical crown jewel, the Essential TEKLIFE Vol.
By: Chris Martins / March 14, 2013

DJ Rashad: Footwork’s Bright Star Bends Genres and Brains

Who: DJ Rashad, a producer from Chicago's thriving footwork dance scene whose stuttering, chaotic tweaks of other local styles like juke and house has helped…
By: Brandon Soderberg / August 15, 2012

These Feet Were Made for Workin': Inside Chicago’s Explosive Footwork Scene

Sometimes dance music needs a push. And for an increasing number of artists and fans from the late 2000s forward, the once-insular sound and competitive…
By: Dave Quam / July 5, 2012

DJ Rashad Goes to Stonehenge in ‘We Trippy Mane’ Video

Fresh off being named one of SPIN's 40 Best Albums of 2012... So Far and still streaming his whole album o…
By: Christopher R. Weingarten / June 19, 2012

Stream DJ Rashad’s Footwork Masterpiece ‘TEKLIFE Vol. 1′

Right now, the SPIN office is completely obsessed with the kinetic rat-a-tat of Chicago footwork, the regional electronic music known for its frenetic, unlikely rhythm…
By: SPIN Staff / June 12, 2012

DJ Rashad, ‘TEKLIFE Vol. 1: Welcome to the Chi’ (Lit City)

Stream the entire album here!Chicago footwork, the regional dance-music style now celebrating its 15th birthday, is not about instant gratification. It likely has no…
By: Christopher R. Weingarten / June 11, 2012

Traxman, ‘The Mind of Traxman’ (Planet Mu)

"Footwork" is prime proof of a recurring truth in dance music: While the various electronic vanguards strive self-consciously to break all sound barriers, it’s the…
By: Simon Reynolds / April 26, 2012