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Stream Tomahawk’s Stripped-Down LP ‘Oddfellows,’ Read Our Q&A With All Four Odd Fellows

Alt-metal super-duper-group Tomahawk have reformed for their first heatstroke hallucination in six years, the rocking, rollicking desert tantrum Oddfellows. Back from almost a decade without…
Christopher R. Weingarten / January 22, 2013

Hear the First Taste of Melvins Lite’s ‘Freak Puke’: ‘Leon Vs. The Revolution’

As we explored in our long and probing Q&A with the Melvins' sludgemaster general King Buzzo, Melvins Lite is a unique detour for the long-running…

Melvins Spill Their ‘Freak Puke,’ Didn’t Murder Cobain

Tireless sludgemuffins the Melvins are as busy as ever in their 29th year. Their 5-track Scion A/V EP The Bulls & The Bees is due…
Christopher R. Weingarten / March 9, 2012