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Review: Pity Sex Leave the Safety of Their Bedroom on ‘White Hot Moon’

A wise person once said, "Same s**t, different day." For Ann Arbor's chronically morose Pity Sex, this day is spent outdoors. On their '90s-shoegaze-mining debut, 2013's…
Rachel Brodsky / May 2, 2016

Pity Sex Pitilessly Indulge Your Nostalgia With ‘Pin A Star’

The members of Ann Arbor quartet Pity Sex are not ones to shy away from unabashed, instantly gratifying ’90s revivalism. Their sound is awash with…
Evan Siegel / April 11, 2016

SPIN Singles Mix: Arca, Dive In, Pity Sex, and More

Welcome to SPIN’s Singles Mix! SPIN staffers have rounded up their favorite, must-hear tracks for your personal playlists. Collecting the finest from Venezuelan super-producers, ambient…
SPIN Staff / September 30, 2015

Pity Sex Talk New Album and Why Wawa is Overrated

Two years after the release of their breakthrough debut album, 2013's sweetly corrosive Feast of Love, Michigan dream-rock quartet Pity Sex find themselves a band…
Andrew Unterberger / April 24, 2015

Women of Pity Sex and Tigers Jaw Sexually Assaulted Onstage at Same Show

We've shown some love for Pity Sex and Tigers Jaw in the past, but it's always been with respectful adoration from afar. It's never been…
Colin Stutz / June 19, 2014

Pity Sex Deliver Pitch-Perfect Shoegaze Pop With ‘Fold’

Ann Arbor quartet Pity Sex swoons hard within a shoegaze swirl, using pop prettiness as their anchor within the fuzz. My Bloody Valentine and the…
Chris Martins / June 13, 2013