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The Black Lips Play Raucous Bar Blues on ‘Justice After All’

A new song emerges from Atlanta band's seventh album, 'Underneath the Rainbow'

picture-18276-1372868632Chris Martins // February 11, 2014

When SPIN visited the Black Lips in the studio to discuss their March 18 album Underneath the Rainbow, Jared Swilley refuted a misconception about the Atlanta garage-punk crew: “People say, ‘Oh, they must do tons of acid all day.’ It’s not like that. It’s stuff we’ve experienced in the past. We write about what we know — we write sad songs. Except we give them a poppy beat.” Indeed, their latest is “Justice After All,” a song that captures some of the strangeness of life on the road and sets it to a jaunty bar-blooze rhythm. The clanging guitar and country-fried calls to “all my friends” give the track a folksy feel, but it’s far more raucous than “Boys in the Wood,” the first share from the Black Lips’ seventh album.

Stream “Justice After All” below.