Norm MacDonald

Norm MacDonald, Former Saturday Night Live Comedian and Actor, Dies at 61

Norm MacDonald, the Canadian comedian best known as the host of Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live in the 1990s, has died at the age of 61 following…
Daniel Kohn / September 14, 2021

Norm Macdonald’s Opinion on #MeToo Is Exactly What You’d Expect

In a new interview, comedian Norm Macdonald says his new Netflix talk show, Norm Macdonald Has a Show, will steer clear of topical humor and political…
Maggie Serota / September 11, 2018

Norm MacDonald’s New Netflix Talk Show Will Premiere Next Month

In March, Netflix confirmed an impending Norm MacDonald talk show, aptly titled Norm MacDonald Has a Show. Now, the streaming service has announced a premiere…
Winston Cook-Wilson / August 21, 2018

A Norm Macdonald Talk Show Is Coming to Netflix

We like to think of Spin as a pro-Norm Macdonald publication, so we're happy to relay some good news today: Norm has ben granted his own…
Winston Cook-Wilson / March 9, 2018

Norm MacDonald Is a Cosmic, Empathetic Goof in His New Netflix Special Hitler’s Dog, Gossip & Trickery

If you were paying the least possible amount of attention in the 1990s, Norm MacDonald was just Weekend Update’s driest, oddest host, and the guy…
Winston Cook-Wilson / May 12, 2017
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