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Who Won the Fourth Democratic Presidential Debate?

Round four of the 2020 Democratic presidential debates, held in Westerville, Ohio, on October 15, is over and done with. The debate featured 12 candidates…
Maggie Serota / October 15, 2019

Who Won the Third Democratic Presidential Debate?

Round three of the Democratic presidential debates, held at Texas Souther University in Houston on September 12, is in the books. The evening featured the…
SPIN Staff / September 12, 2019

Democratic Presidential Debate Round 2, Night 2: Protestors, Jabs at Joe Biden, and Other Big Moments

The second round of the Democratic debates has mercifully concluded.  Night two on July 31 featured the remaining 10 candidates in the insanely crowded field of…
Maggie Serota / July 31, 2019