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Review: Ka Is Calm Like a Bomb on ‘Honor Killed the Samurai’

Brownsville rapper Ka’s voice commands close listening. It’s somewhere between a wheeze and a snarl, dead-eyed and cold — dragging with it a street-weary stoicism.
Sheldon Pearce / August 17, 2016

Ka Drops New Album ‘Honor Killed the Samurai,’ Releases Animated Video for ‘Just’

Brownsville DIY champ Ka released Honor Killed the Samurai, his fourth solo album, over the weekend. Those who've been following the veteran know what to expect…
Brian Josephs / August 15, 2016

Review: Mysterioso DIY Rapper Ka Becomes Dr. Yen Lo on ‘Days With Dr. Yen Lo’

Brownsville MC Ka is a man among Shmoney-dancing boys, but by historical accident, he’s never gotten to enjoy dignitary status. Instead, the rapper (and senior…
M.T. Richards / May 28, 2015