Dope Body

Watch Dope Body’s Exhilarating ‘Leather Head’ Clip

Dope Body's first-ever gig was intended to be a one-off, but the Baltimore noise-rock crew found the show so raw and rewarding that the foursome…
Kyle McGovern / March 18, 2013

Listen to Dope Body’s Raucous ‘Natural History’ LP

Next Tuesday, Baltimore noise-rock bros Dope Body will unleash Natural History, their sophomore full-length, Drag City debut, and a whale of a record that takes…
David Bevan / May 14, 2012

Dope Body: Noise-Rock Bros Restore Baltimore’s Hard Edge

Who: Four testosterone-mainlining, noise-rock ruffians from central Baltimore who joined forces in late 2008 for a one-off show at local DIY space the Natural History…
David Bevan / May 2, 2012