Anti-Pop Consortium

No Trivia’s Friday Five: Gunplay Gets Kinda Existential

A few weeks ago, when I was talking about 2 Chainz and Kanye West's "Birthday Song," I compared Kanye's recent production style to Christopher Nolan's.
Brandon Soderberg / September 7, 2012

Antipop Consortium’s High Priest Returns as Hprizm

The music industry may be burning to the ground, but record collectors have plenty to fiddle with these days: We're awash in box sets, 180-gram…
Philip Sherburne / September 4, 2012

Anti-Pop Consortium, ‘Fluorescent Black’ (Big Dada)

Anti-Pop Consortium's obsession with sound, be it analog, digital, or vocal, makes them unique among hip-hop artists; they're like a postmillennial Public Enemy, minus the…
Mosi Reeves / October 23, 2009
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