Kid ‘n Play

Geto Boys & Rick Rubin: Spin’s 1990 Feature, ‘Censorship Isn’t Def American’

How the Geto Boys (Bushwick Bill, Scarface and Willie D) captured Rick Rubin's otherwise waning interest in rap in 1990.
Frank Owen / June 9, 2019

Kid of Kid ‘n Play Apologizes for His Role in Bizarre Colin Kaepernick Impersonation

Christopher Reid--also known as Kid, one half of the bygone party-rap duo Kid 'n Play--has apologized for his impersonation of NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick in…
Andy Cush / September 15, 2017

Fox Sports Won’t Air Jason Whitlock’s Bizarre Colin Kaepernick Kid ‘n Play Sketch: Report

Yesterday, we took a moment to address a minor sports media controversy with a bizarre cast of characters. Jason Whitlock, a loudmouthed pundit with decidedly conservative attitudes…
Andy Cush / September 7, 2017

Damn, This Is Fucked Up

Noted sports doofus Jason Whitlock took a break from his groundbreaking work in cybernetic theory today to tweet a photo of himself grinning next to a…
Andy Cush / September 6, 2017