Review: Nas – Illmatic

Nas’s Illmatic was released on April 19, 1994. In honor of its 25th anniversary, we’ve digitized and republished our original review, which ran in the August 1994 issue of Spin.
Charles Aaron / April 19, 2019

Review: Lambchop’s This (Is What I Wanted to Tell You) Is a Humble Triumph of Autotune

On Kurt Wagner’s latest Lambchop album, This (Is What I Wanted to Tell You), there are a lot of lyrics about light, and how it…
Winston Cook-Wilson / March 29, 2019

American Football’s New Album Might Be Their Best Yet

All three American Football records are self-titled, and all sound like their covers: The first one is dusky and wistful, the second pleasant enough but…
Joshua Copperman / March 21, 2019

Review: Blur – 13

Blur's 13 was released March 15, 1999. In honor of its 20th anniversary, we’ve digitized and republished our original review, which ran in the May 1999 issue of Spin.
Barry Walters / March 17, 2019

Kehlani’s While We Wait Is Worth It

Kehlani Parrish is very good at what she does: hazy, deceptively ethereal R&B tracks from which hooks bubble up as clear and plentiful…
Katherine St. Asaph / March 6, 2019

Solange’s When I Get Home Is Proudly Enigmatic

Solange Knowles has worked for this moment. For a period of her career, the singer was simply "Beyoncé’s sister," trying to…
Israel Daramola / March 6, 2019

Hand Habits’ ‘placeholder’ Finds Beauty in Ambiguity

placeholder, the title of the new album by Hand Habits, may at first scan as a wry joke, à la the Breeders’ Title TK: We…
Andy Cush / March 5, 2019

Weezer’s Black Album Is Neither As Good or As Bad As You Hoped

In the 19 years since their reunion, Weezer’s most memorable songs have been jokes. Recall "Beverly Hills," in which Rivers Cuomo explains why he wants…
Lucas Fagen / March 4, 2019

Avril Lavigne’s Tacky Head Above Water Fails to Do Her Legacy Justice

In order to understand the themes driving Avril Lavigne's long-awaited new album Head Above Water, we must first take into account one of the most…
Zoe Camp / February 20, 2019

Ariana Grande’s thank u, next Is Perfect For the Moment

Whether you are charmed or irritated by Ariana Grande’s ebullient persona and impulsive gaffes, thrilled or exhausted by her popular ascendance, there’s no denying that…
Anna Gaca / February 14, 2019

Minimalism and Deep Bass Can’t Keep Panda Bear’s Buoys Afloat

For a famously chill guy known for bemoaning the importance of material things, Noah Lennox has allowed some unusually demanding promotional materials. "We…
Ian Cohen / February 8, 2019

Deerhunter’s Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared? Is a Dive Into Our Impermanent Present

At the end of the title track of 2013's Monomania, the record's protagonist—presumably a thinly wigged Bradford Cox—speeds off down the highway on…
Dale Eisinger / January 24, 2019

Sharon Van Etten Embraces Chaos and Change on Remind Me Tomorrow

Sharon Van Etten releases Remind Me Tomorrow in a very different world than her previous album, 2014’s Are We There. Indisputably,…
Joshua Copperman / January 18, 2019

James Blake’s Assume Form Makes Room for Love (and Travis Scott)

Before he trusted his own heart-quivering voice, James Blake deftly made taffy out of those of others. He stretched out shape-note singing on his very…
Andy Beta / January 18, 2019

Only The 1975 Could Make an Album Like the Dizzying A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships

"There are no big bands doing anything as interesting as us." This Matt Healy heat check was plastered on the cover of Billboard…
Ian Cohen / December 6, 2018
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