The Rock Stars Who Turned Their Talents to Commercials

Detail of a musician playing an acoustic guitar next to an AKG C314 condenser microphone for a feature on recording your own music, taken on April 19, 2016. (Photo by Neil Godwin/Total Guitar Magazine/Future via Getty Images)
The Rock Stars Who Turned Their Talents to Commercials

Bob Seger’s “Like A Rock” is possibly the most recognizable commercial song, if only by virtue of being played so much. The stars aligned to make it happen, though. Seger turned down much more lucrative offers from bigger brands, including Coors, because he didn’t like the idea of his music existing to increase sales for a corporation. Yet it was a different story when Chevrolet came knocking in 1991. 

Bob Seger On Stage


Seger, a Detroit-based musician, said it “felt right” to promote a local industry and gladly loaned his talents to the car manufacturer’s marketing. Despite being an ad jingle instead of a full-blown song, “Like A Rock” remains one of Seger’s best-known songs. It only made it into performance sets fairly recently, though.