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Music in online slots: What’s behind it?


Music is something that touches each and everyone of us. There is almost nothing that is as present in our daily lives as music is. While for some music is a way to express themselves, to create adn to dive into new universes, others see music as something  that exists only for entertainment purposes, This however is not entirely accurate. Since music can stimulate our minds, have a positive impact on our cognitive functions and hinder memory, we can say that the role of music in our lives is not that insignificant, whether playing in a park or online casinos.

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The entertainment industry knows how to use music and does so in every kind of way. Whether in films, theater or online games, music is present and underlines the emotions which are aimed to be produced. The majority of players of online casino games tend to overlook music when it comes to creating a successful game. Regardless of the platform or format, music does much more than being some form of background entertainment. In some settings, it has proven to shape the performance of players’ various ways. Among the best cases, studies that you find can be seen in the betting industry. Music has a direct link to the revenues that casinos generate. Both land-based and online casinos rely on sound and music to shape the player experience for their good. But how does music affect the player’s psychology? Can the sounds have benefits to players?  We have the infos you need to know!

What Kind of Music is Used in Online Casinos?

Almost all of the games have great background tunes, sound effects, and visuals that will blow the players mind. Of course also here the rule is that the better the game is, the better are the sounds. Game developers are doing their best to make the games as appealing as possible. Depending on the theme of the game they usually use low and fast-tempo music.

While the music often aims to keep the players relaxed and calm in order to allow them to play their favorite game for hours, some casino games, especially slots, tend to use upbeat music to stimulate the production of oxytocin, dopamine, and adrenaline. This makes a player’s heart beat faster and makes bolder decisions when gambling. Casinos are designed to create a fun and relaxing environment to have good gameplay. But their aim is to engage players for a long time. Developers just don’t use random or new music, but in order to increase the engagement of the players, they add enticing music that is already a hit among the audience. For instance, online slots based on TV shows, movies, or any other theme, usually use the original or similar sound so players can play the game with more enthusiasm.

The Best Slots with Music

Every slot game has music or at least some sound effects. To allow players to concentrate and relax while playing, developers try to keep the background music subtle. However, music-themed slots are among the most played slots in online casinos.

The music used the most features Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson, The Jazz Club and Guns N’ Roses, songs that are common knowledge and make the players feel at home. Furthermore, many games use Karaoke Party songs, common Rock ‘N’ Rollers, Disco Spins and Samba tunes to create a loungy and exciting environment.

The Michael Jackson King of Pop Slot slot game is chock-full of the artist’s top rating songs. Billie Jean, Bad, and Dirty Diana are all on in the background as you’re spinning those reels and winning those coins. Rock fans will be happy to find out that some slot designers and developers are also rock fans. The Guns ‘n’ Roses slot game features a 96,98% return to player, original songs, and an amazing visual design. For those of you not so much into 80s rock, Megadeth fills the gap with the slot game of the same name. Next to the old school vibes, also new music like Kanye West’s new album can be found in slot games.

The sound effects matter

One thing is clear: the sound makes half of the game. When you walk into a casino, you will get to hear beautiful music that is bound to attract you. Many online casinos also use sound effects to affect the bettor’s decision-making process. Sound effects like coins dropping on the floor are pretty common for example. This sound effect is used to show that you can win a lot of money if you just keep playing. Such sound effects give hope to players who already lost a lot of money. Next to the sound effects, the lightning and colour grading adds additionally to the atmosphere. Many online casinos aim to make the player feel like they are in a real casino and use  effects to create this real casino environment. As those things affect the players minds a lot, it ultimately has a direct effect on the revenues of the casino. Gambling games are probably the easiest to track when it comes to the behavior of players around music. The same principles are applied in other forms of gaming, in the film industry, and leisure settings in general. The power of music is usually underestimated by many. But it can affect decision making processes and actions.

Conclusion: The importance of Music

All in all we can say that music is indispensable in the gaming and gambling industry. Listening to music is one of the best ways to uplift your mood. The power of music is used to the fullest by casino operators in a positive manner. Music lightens the mood of the gambler who has lost and gives hope and motivation for upcoming wins. The special effects are also used to encourage the gambler to keep on keeping on. While music is powerful, you are the one who decides how much you spend in a casino. Players need to ensure that they are not spending a lot of time and money at the slots. It is important to remember that everything comes with a price. Don’t make the mistakes that other gamblers make after losing money. Accept your losses, learn from your mistakes, and move on.