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Akron/Family, ‘Set ‘Em Wild, Set ‘Em Free’ (Dead Oceans)

Despite losing founding member Ryan Vanderhoof to a Buddhist center in the Midwest, this Brooklyn trio continues to evolve. Here they expand their primarily folky…
Jessica Suarez / April 16, 2009

PJ Harvey and John Parish, ‘A Woman a Man Walked By’ (Island)

PJ Harvey's music can be frightening, not because of who she is, but who she becomes. For their second album as a duo, longtime collaborator…
Jessica Suarez / March 19, 2009

Swan Lake, ‘Enemy Mine’ (Jagjaguwar)

This Canadian indie supergroup presumably came together over its members' common traits of workaholism and quirky vocals. Though Swan Lake count Wolf Parade, Frog Eyes,…
Jessica Suarez / March 10, 2009

Handsome Furs, ‘Face Control’ (Sub Pop)

Most of Handsome Furs' promo photos show members Alexei Perry and Dan Boeckner (also of Wolf Parade) crawling all over each other. But they're old-fashioned…
Jessica Suarez / February 19, 2009

Asobi Seksu , ‘Hush’ (Polyvinyl)

This Brooklyn group's previous albums established them as shoegaze confectioners, molding candy swirls out of Yuki Chikudate's soaring, translucent voice and guitarist James Hanna's Kevin…
Jessica Suarez / February 1, 2009

Beirut/Realpeople, ‘March of the Zapotec/Holland’ (Pompeii)

Thank God for that voice. Without such caramel pipes, Beirut's Zach Condon would never be able to own his shape-shifting styles -- elegant French pop…
Jessica Suarez / February 1, 2009

Vetiver, ‘Tight Knit’ (Sub Pop)

Vetiver's music sounds like it was written in midday sunshine, yet longs for a dark bedroom in the dead of night. Andy Cabic's balmy folk…
Jessica Suarez / February 1, 2009

Black Gold, ‘Rush’ (Red Bull)

Multi-instrumentalists Eric Ronick and Than Luu met while playing with different bands (they toiled individually for Panic at the Disco, Ambulance LTD, M. Ward, Boredoms,…
Jessica Suarez / January 20, 2009

Matt and Kim, ‘Grand’ (Fader)

Matt and Kim (their real names) come on like a punked-up Mates of State -- a couple so cute that you'd walk away from their…
Jessica Suarez / January 8, 2009

Andrew Bird, ‘Noble Beast’ (Fat Possum)

Over the course of his five solo albums, Andrew Bird's music has become a custom- tailored suit: fussy and impossible for anyone else to wear.
Jessica Suarez / December 27, 2008

A.C. Newman, ‘Get Guilty’ (Matador)

"Few have the luxury ofB-sides / I've got buckets full," New Pornographers singer- guitarist Carl Newman brags on "Submarines of Stockholm." Here, the Canadian power-pop…
Jessica Suarez / December 19, 2008

Marnie Stern, ‘This Is It and I Am It and You Are It and So Is That and He Is It and She Is It…’ (Kill Rock Stars)

Marnie Stern has the voice of a little girl grafted to the grizzled hands of Yngwie Malmsteen. Her debut album was heavy on jittery, multitracked…
Jessica Suarez / October 2, 2008

Cold War Kids, ‘Loyalty to Loyalty’ (Downtown)

While Cold War Kids may not make religious music, they like to preach. The California band open their second album by overtly endorsing the bohemian…
Jessica Suarez / September 19, 2008

The New Year, ‘The New Year’ (Touch and Go)

Over the lullaby guitars of "Wages of Sleep," brothers Matt and Bubba Kadane recommend that "eight hours of sleep can make anything go away." And…
Jessica Suarez / September 8, 2008

Calexico, ‘Carried to Dust’ (Quarterstick)

After 12 years and five studio albums, Calexico haven't lost any of their fascination with the Southwest. Joey Burns and John Convertino's sonic translations of…
Jessica Suarez / September 8, 2008

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