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Handsome Furs, ‘Sound Kapital’ (Sub Pop)

"When I get back home, I won't be the same," Dan Boeckner sings at the start of his third album with wife Alexei Perry. But…
Jessica Suarez / June 28, 2011

Planningtorock, ‘W’ (DFA)

Planningtorock's Janine Rostron has worked with the Knife, so her unsettling videos and facial prosthetics will always exist in Fever Ray's oddly shaped shadow. Yet…
Jessica Suarez / June 14, 2011

Xiu Xiu, ‘Dear God, I Hate Myself’ (Kill Rock Stars)

"If you expect me to be outrageous / I will be extra outrageous," Xiu Xiu's Jamie Stewart promises at the start of his band's seventh…
Jessica Suarez / February 22, 2010

Review: Field Music, ‘Measure’

They were the polite kids in bow ties at the neighborhood birthday party, but Sunderland, England brothers David and Peter Brewis never outgrew their geekiness.
Jessica Suarez / February 16, 2010

Review: Scout Niblett, ‘The Calcination of Scout Niblett’

Emma Louise "Scout" Niblett has spent her last four records teetering on the edge, but now she's speaking directly from the void. Her minimal songs…
Jessica Suarez / January 13, 2010

Thao With the Get Down Stay Down, ‘Know Better Learn Faster’ (Kill Rock Stars)

As an angry, resentful breakup record, the fourth album from wry singer-songwriter Thao Nguyen is totally unsatisfying, at least on the surface. She doesn't pile…
Jessica Suarez / December 2, 2009

Taken by Trees, ‘East of Eden’ (Rough Trade)

Ex-Concretes frontwoman Victoria Bergsman sings as if she never leaves her windowsill, let alone her native land. But this shy Swede (whose voice was the…
Jessica Suarez / October 21, 2009

F–k Buttons, ‘Tarot Sport’ (ATP)

They endorsed "Sweet Love for Planet Earth" on 2008's Street Horrrsing, but these Bristol, England hippies get leaner, cleaner, and more athletic on their follow-up.
Jessica Suarez / October 20, 2009

The Bats, ‘The Guilty Office’ (Hidden Agenda/Parasol)

Old Faithful probably covets the Bats' consistency. Over six albums, plus a ten-year hiatus, the New Zealand foursome, led by singer-guitarist Robert Scott, haven't let…
Jessica Suarez / August 31, 2009

Sian Alice Group, ‘Troubled, Shaken, Etc.’ (Social Registry)

With other bands Tweeting and gut-pouring, there's something startling about this London trio's impenetrability. They create mood songs as discrete units, each as bulletproof --…
Jessica Suarez / August 5, 2009

The Gossip, ‘Music for Men’ (Columbia)

What's that joke about gay couples wanting to get married? They deserve the chance to be as unhappy as straight people. On the Gossip's major-label…
Jessica Suarez / June 7, 2009

The Field, ‘Yesterday and Today’ (Anti-/Kompakt)

Swedish electronic dance producer Axel Willner consistently finds the sweet spot between breathlessness and breathing too hard on his follow-up to 2007's acclaimed From Here…
Jessica Suarez / April 29, 2009

Passion Pit, ‘Manners’ (Frenchkiss)

Poptimist Michael Angelakos tried to hold onto his girlfriend with Passion Pit's first EP. That didn't work (blame the self-obsessed lyrics), but on his band's…
Jessica Suarez / April 29, 2009

Pink Mountaintops, ‘Outside Love’ (Jagjaguwar)

"Never let the bastards bite back," Pink Mountaintops frontman Stephen McBean claims on the rustic singalong "Holiday." But dude has no problem biting first. Lyrics…
Jessica Suarez / April 16, 2009

St. Vincent, ‘Actor’ (4AD)

Annie Clark is an indie dream girl: a Margaret Keane painting come to life, with a voice seemingly crafted of caramelized sugar. But her second…
Jessica Suarez / April 16, 2009

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