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Manorexia: The Hippest Disease Since the Clap

I've already accepted the fact that the fashion industry is around to humiliate me. I accepted this sometime around age twelve, when I realized that…
Jessica Grose / January 24, 2006

Duncan Sheik, ‘White Limousine’ (Rounder)

Poor Duncan Sheik. It must be hard to be neutered. In the mid-'90s, he was a spry young pup with a semi-original sound: softly haunting…
Jessica Grose / January 11, 2006

Various Artists, ‘This Bird Has Flown: A 40th Anniversary Tribute to the Beatles’ Rubber Soul’ (Razor and Tie)

It's a tall order to cover classic material. Do you remain as close as possible to the original in tone and spirit as an homage…
Jessica Grose / October 26, 2005

The Eames Era

One glance at the album cover of the Eames Era's debut LP, Double Dutch, will incite a number of assumptions about the kind of music…
Jessica Grose / October 20, 2005

Matt Pond PA, ‘Several Arrows Later’ (Altitude)

Curses, Matt Pond PA! Damn you for sucking all the originality out of your quirky, lush, orchestral pop and making it into just another neutered,…
Jessica Grose / October 17, 2005

Dancing in the Weimar Republic

I've decided to reinstate this blog. I know I've been terribly remiss about writing, but the problem is that I was treating it like a…
Jessica Grose / October 4, 2005

The Click Five, ‘Greetings from Imrie House’ (Lava/Atlantic)

Most rock fans don't expect much musically from a band that opens for the Backstreet Boys, Ashlee Simpson, and Jesse McCartney. Seeing the five fresh-faced,…
Jessica Grose / August 17, 2005

Mixel Pixel, ‘Contact Kid’ (Kanine)

Mixel Pixel is like an overly decorated t-shirt, one that started out as a pristine white t-shirt. Sure it was simple, but it was classic.
Jessica Grose / August 3, 2005

Various Artists, ‘Wedding Crashers’ (New Line Records)

Spoon is the Owen Wilson of rock bands. Let us count the ways: Both Spoon and Wilson are from Austin, Texas. Both Britt Daniels and…
Jessica Grose / July 27, 2005

A River Rocks Through It

It was a dark and steamy night on Pier 54 when the nubile young bands Rock'n'Roll Soldiers, OK Go, and the perennial favorites the Donnas…
Jessica Grose / July 25, 2005

Various Artists, ‘Six Feet Under: Everything Ends’ (Astralwerks)

Six Feet Under is a hard show to watch. Just when things seem to be going well for any of the consistently harried characters, some…
Jessica Grose / July 6, 2005

Dressy Bessy

There's something about Dressy Bessy's brand of blissfully infectious mod-pop that makes me want to wear bright pink and yellow and hold hands and go…
Jessica Grose / May 26, 2005

Youth is King

By: Jessica Groseto Spill, has always looked like your Dad. Now that he'sshaved his bushy, tufty beard, slightly less so, but itfollows that the rest…
Jessica Grose / May 23, 2005

Busted Stuff

By: Jessica Grose…
Jessica Grose / May 12, 2005

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