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Dee Snider, ‘Dee Does Broadway’ (Razor & Tie)

A Rock of Ages inverse: Mr. Twisted Sister awkwardly swaps devil horns for heavy metal jazz hands.
Jeanne Fury / May 11, 2012

Wild Hunt, ‘Before the Plane of Angles’ (Kemado)

Sprawling, blackened metal boasts burly roars, tumultuous textures, chakra-aligning interludes.
Jeanne Fury / May 2, 2012

Cattle Decapitation, ‘Monolith of Inhumanity’ (Metal Blade)

Blackened death/grind vegans feast on manmade atrocities, incur existential MRSA.
Jeanne Fury / May 1, 2012

Cancer Bats, ‘Dead Set on Living’ (Metal Blade)

Nu-hardcore guys rake funk-metal’s bounce over catchy riffs, still sound like early-AFI understudies.
Jeanne Fury / April 26, 2012

Occultation, ‘Three & Seven’ (Profound Lore)

Female-fronted seance synth-metal for enthusiastic pallbearers, romantic goths, and schmaltzy theater kids.
Jeanne Fury / April 25, 2012

Inverloch, ‘Dusk…Subside ‘ (Relapse)

Aussie metal vets grunt through glacial, atmospheric doom sandwiched by bland blastbeats on three-song EP.
Jeanne Fury / April 24, 2012

In the Studio: Garbage Talk ‘Hungriness’ of 2012 LP

Now that Garbage's long-awaited fifth album — the band's first since 2005's Bleed Like Me — is nearly done, Shirley Manson and Co. are ready…
Jeanne Fury / October 17, 2011

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