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Gaza , ‘No Absolutes in Human Suffering’ (Black Market Activities)

Suffocating layers of grind, sludge, punk are bound, flayed, torched malevolently by Utah crew.
Jeanne Fury / August 1, 2012

Toadies, ‘Play.Rock.Music.’ (Kirtland)

Stop rubbernecking '90s nostalgia, and dig a fresh crop of wiry guitars, zany vocals, and butt-moving sass.
Jeanne Fury / August 1, 2012

Kadavar, ‘Kadavar’ (Tee Pee)

Almost too perfectly styled 70s psych-metal from a Berlin trio that cheated on Led Zeppelin with Pentagram.
Jeanne Fury / July 19, 2012

Enabler, ‘All Hail the Void’ (Southern Lord)

Unlike plodding hXc, Enabler’s nimble wrath bounces, somersaults through blackened punk-metal playground.
Jeanne Fury / July 18, 2012

Witchsorrow, ‘God Curse Us’ (Metal Blade)

U.K. doom trio invokes the classic grimness of St. Vitus, but with tempos for more muscled lurching.
Jeanne Fury / July 11, 2012

Serj Tankian, ‘Harakiri ‘ (Reprise)

Eccentric System of a Down frontman caterwauls prophetic apocalyptic warnings over manic-depressive rock.
Jeanne Fury / July 9, 2012

Primate, ‘Draw Back a Stump’ (Relapse)

Led by Brutal Truth and Mastodon fellas, these manimals go apeshit on a chest-thumping hardcore-punk debut.
Jeanne Fury / July 2, 2012

Gojira, ‘L’Enfant Sauvage’ (Roadrunner)

French art-metallers wage guerrilla warfare, chop through heady melodies, ambush with feral death-grooves.
Jeanne Fury / June 26, 2012

Turbonegro, ‘Sexual Harassment’ (Volcom)

A new singer brings burly balls to the fauxmosexual death-punker party, but the glory hole is one-sided.
Jeanne Fury / June 12, 2012

Future of the Left, ‘The Plot Against Common Sense’ (Xtra Mile)

Irascible ex-Mclusky noise-punks take Biafra-brand graters to the thumbs of suckers.
Jeanne Fury / June 11, 2012

Marduk, ‘Serpent Sermon’ (Century Media)

Fetid pools of crust punk, wretched doom and Satanic gurglings coagulate into a black metal money shot.
Jeanne Fury / June 7, 2012

Grand Magus, ‘The Hunt’ (Nuclear Blast)

NWOBHM, thrash riffs and Valhalla references aside, studly vocals are what make this trio’s fantasy a reality.
Jeanne Fury / June 5, 2012

Ides of Gemini, ‘Constantinople’ (Neurot)

Processional doom, ethereal female harmonies and high-strung riffs incite head-bowing, not -banging.
Jeanne Fury / June 4, 2012

The Cult, ‘Choice of Weapon’ (Cooking Vinyl)

Déjà vu riffs and Ian Astbury’s hard-rock shaman voodoo are still great, but the weapon tends to misfire.
Jeanne Fury / May 22, 2012

Cherri Bomb, ‘This is the End of Control’ (Hollywood)

More Lita Ford than Joan Jett, four L.A. girls offer polished pop-metal for quasi-runaways.
Jeanne Fury / May 18, 2012

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