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Chris Cornell’s 2006 Interview on Audioslave, Addiction, and Reinventing Rock

Chris Cornell, former frontman of Soundgarden and Audioslave, passed away last night in Detroit at the age of 52. In the light of his passing,…
Dorian Lynskey / May 17, 2017

Next Big Things 2011: Esben and the Witch

Home sweet home: Brighton, EnglandExpect: Dramatic neo-goth that makes Florence look like M.I.A.Must hear: Violet Cries (Matador), out now…
Dorian Lynskey / February 10, 2011

Next Big Things 2011: James Blake

Home sweet home: LondonExpect: Soulful DJ-producer-singer-pianist phenom bringing electronic music beyond the laptopMust hear: James Blake (Atlas/A&M), out now…
Dorian Lynskey / February 10, 2011

Blues Explosion: The Black Keys

Now officially Akron, Ohio's favorite sons (thanks, Lebron!), the Black Keys have become the year's surprise overnight success story. All it took was one decade,…
Dorian Lynskey / August 13, 2010

The League of Very Ordinary Gentlemen

If you want to see the workings of a band's collective brain in physical form, visit their studio. In the case of English electro-pop eccentrics…
Dorian Lynskey / January 28, 2008