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The Crowded House star has a lot to say, about the old Crowded House, and the new one
Neil Finn of Crowded House (Credit: Kim Landy/Getty Images for Global Citizen)

Singer Neil Finn has been called one of the great songwriters of his generation, and he and Crowded House have endured for nearly 40 years. 

After being asked to tour with Fleetwood Mac in 2018, Neil was inspired to relaunch Crowded House, who broke up in 2016. But this time it also became a family affair, as he added his grown sons, Liam (guitar) and Elroy (drums). Rounding out the lineup are original Bassist Nick Seymour and Mitchell Froom, the producer of their first album, who played the iconic organ parts on their earlier hits. 

Crowded House was formed in 1985 — like SPIN! (self absorption alert) — and released their first album, the cleverly titled Crowded House, which spawned hits “Something So Strong” and the iconic “Don’t Dream It’s Over,” recently covered by U2 at their Sphere concerts, in honor of Yulia Navalny, Alexis’s widow. (On their final show they performed a virtual duet with Neil, who recorded a sparse rendition for the occasion. 

After their pandemic inspired album Dreamers Are Waiting with the newly formed Crowded House, and a successful world wide tour, Neil and the boys are back with a follow up album, Gravity Stairs (due in May 2024) and a new single “Oh Hi,with another world tour to follow. 

Neil recently sat for a lengthy but fascinating discussion on SPIN SONIC IMPACT, hosted by Eliot and Olive Goldberg, for an in-depth conversation about his incredible life and musical journey, and the impact The Beatles had on him as a young musician. Neil, his brother Tim and Crowded House changed the face and sound of New Zealand music.  

Listen to the episode on Spotify.