Neil Finn

Hear Eddie Vedder and Neil Finn’s Big-Hearted ‘Throw Your Arms Around Me’ Cover

Pearl Jam and Crowded House have both been known to cover "Throw Your Arms Around Me," a tender 1984 love song by Australian band Hunters…
Marc Hogan / September 18, 2013

Radiohead Drummer Plays Solo Tunes in London

Hey, don't snicker -- Phil Collins, Don Henley, and Dave Grohl were drummers, and their solo stuff did okay. Ringo? Fab from the Strokes, sorta?
Steve Kandell / August 21, 2009

Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy Covers Radiohead

Now here's a supergroup we would love to see perform regularly. During a recent concert in New Zealand in support of former Crowded House singer-songwriter…
Larry Fitzmaurice / January 8, 2009

Radiohead, Wilco Members on Neil Finn’s New Record

Sheesh, and we thought Fat Boy Slim mastermind Norman Cook had a few friends!
William Goodman / November 17, 2008