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Luna Aura on Women’s Rights and Representation in Rock

Alt-rocker salutes icons like Shirley Manson, Courtney Love, and Alanis Morissette
Luna Aura (Photo credit: Max Sharp)

When Luna Aura gazes out from the stage and sees little girls on their dads’ shoulders, it reminds her why she started making music to begin with. “It’s like they saw a Disney princess onstage,” recalls the alt-rock artist, speaking to SPIN backstage at Louder Than Life,

Aura has always used her platform and music to speak out about feminism and women’s rights. She is proud to represent women within the “male-dominated” rock space, crediting artists like Gwen Stefani for paving the way.

“We have been rocking,” Aura says. “There’s tons of really incredible female artists in this space that have gotten plenty of love and admiration. I think back to the ’90s and people like Shirley Manson, Courtney Love, and Alanis Morissette. There’s a lot of women that have already done it—I just wish that there were more.”

The singer tells SPIN that she’s previously given out free tampons at her merch table, and she thinks period poverty is an important subject people need to discuss.

“We all need to learn about each other’s bodies,” she says. “I think it’s really important for men especially to understand what it means to have a period, what’s happening to a woman while she’s having a period, and [that] we’re not just all losing our minds for a week—like, there’s actually stuff going on. I think that starts in school and not being afraid to talk to young men about it.”