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The music podcast premieres September 22
Sinéad O'Connor
Irish singer Sinead O'Connor performs at Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 16 March 1988. (Photo by Paul Bergen/Redferns)

SPIN is launching a new podcast, SPIN Sonic Impact, which will feature artists and public figures discussing the legendary musicians and events that influenced their careers. Sonic Impact was created by father-daughter-duo hosts, award-winning TV producer Eliot Goldberg and his music-obsessed daughter Olivia.

Since Sonic Impact launched in 2022, Eliot and Olivia have interviewed numerous music industry professionals who share emotional, life-changing stories about a specific musical artist who most influenced their lives. Running 45 – 60 minutes, each episode explores the impact these musicians had. 

Past conversations featured the major influences of Dolly Parton, Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Beastie Boys, Pearl Jam, and Bob Marley.

With SPIN as partner, the new podcast will interview major musicians about the providential interactions that impacted their own journeys.

The first three episodes feature SPIN founder Bob Guccione Jr., talking about Sinead O’Connor, Nirvana and others SPIN trailblazed, followed by rapper Killer Mike on how Ice-T changed his life, and pop-rocker LP on Jeff Buckley and Cyndi Lauper.

“This is a very exciting collaboration between us and Eliot and Olivia. They know what they’re talking about — in short supply around here, I can tell you! — and are excellent at bringing out great stories,” says Guccione.

Eliot Goldberg is the Head of Unscripted and Documentary Programming at 101 Studios, and Olivia is a student at Emerson College. 

SPIN Sonic Impact will be available wherever you listen to podcasts.