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Mental Health

LP on Maintaining Mental Health Following a Show

LP on stage (Credit: Ron Vasquez)

One of the biggest rushes an artist can get is playing in front of a packed festival crowd. When alt-pop artist LP is playing in front of a big audience, they know it’s all about connecting.

“It’s about how I’m going to convey my energy to people,” LP tells SPIN backstage at BeachLife Fest. “I try to be at ease with it…and know that, whoever is there, they’re there to see you — though not sometimes because [you’ll see fans] in the T-shirts of the people who are on after you. It’s just supposed to be good times.”

When they get off stage, LP says they keep things quiet in order to mellow out — an effort to recharge after exerting so much energy in their live performance.

“I try to coast down with a little bit of quiet in my dressing room,” they say. “I call it ‘screaming into a pillow’ … and it’s like a mental reset. I just try to remember why I’m here and why I chose to do this. I love it. The immediate feedback at a festival isn’t always the same as it is at your own headlining show. I try not to take it too seriously afterwards.”

Touring can be lonely — and a lot of work. LP says that people often misconstrue touring life to be a non-stop party.

“Sometimes you wish you could be alone for a second,” they say. “I’ve had times before I was going on stage I was like, ‘Ah, shit, I wish I could watch a movie right now because I don’t have that thing,’ you know?” But having a tight-knit crew and band keeps LP grounded: “[For musicians], they’re your family, and I think they should be treated as such and relied on as such.

“All I know is that if you feel good around people, it’s good.”

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