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Hip Hop 50


Layzie Bone (Bone Thugs-n-Harmony) on hip-hop’s most annoying trend and a classic record that deserves more love and respect
Layzie Bone
Layzie Bone (Credit: Courtesy of Layzie Bone)

What’s the most annoying hip-hop trend of the last 50 years? 

To me the most annoying trend was watching grown-ass men wearing skinny jeans and sagging with their entire ass hanging out. That was hard to watch coming from my generation. 

What’s a classic hip-hop album that flew under the radar? And why do you think it did?

The classic album I love that I believe is a Top 5 that flew under the radar is the D.O.C.’s No One Can Do It Better. The summer was 1989, and I was 14, living that life, bumping this everyday, and while the album was on fire, D.O.C. got into a car accident and of all things he lost his voice. Because we never got another album, I believe the greatness in his lyricism was overlooked.  

What are your earliest memories of rap?

Hearing “The Breaks,” “Basketball,” and “If I Ruled the World” by Kurtis Blow and then Run-DMC’s “Walk This Way” and “My Adidas.” 

Then when I heard LL Cool J, I wanted to be a rapper and beat box like the Fat Boys and Doug E. Fresh. Oh, and Krush Groove and Beat Street sealed the deal, too. I remember when hip-hop played on Cleveland radio only on Saturdays at the Club Style and my favorite DJ was Johnny O. I’m a hip-hop baby fasho.

Interview by Kyle Eustice.