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Tuning Into Luck: The Symbiotic Relationship Between Music and iGaming

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Playing games is an incredible way to relax and alleviate stress. It is also a great way to meet people and make friends. For example, many people started playing bingo to socialize with others. And decades later, reviews on the best online bingo sites show that this trend continues. What’s more, music has become more prevalent in bingo and other games. What’s the relationship between gaming and music?

Finding the Link Between Music and iGaming

The use of music in gaming is not coincidental. Instead, it owes to a link between the two. So, what’s the similarity between music and gaming?

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – APRIL 27: College students play a video game during the 2022 HBCU Gamerfest at Forbes Arena at Morehouse College on April 27, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)
  1. Relaxation: Consider the main reason people listen to music or play games. Most people do so to relax. Thus, when you combine two things with relaxation effects, their allure becomes stronger.
  2. Adrenaline effect: Games and music can increase adrenaline levels in the body. Think of a bingo game. Playing it feels like an adventure, as the possibility of winning excites the player. The same effect is evident when someone listens to an upbeat song.
  3. Dopamine effect: People often listen to music to feel better about situations. Perhaps they have had a long day and need some cheer. Games also have such an effect. They are fun and easy and allow players to focus on better things.

Often, people use games and music as distractions from life’s pressures. They have beneficial effects and are almost like therapy. As such, gaming operators have figured that combining the two can impact gameplay positively.

How Music Affects Gaming

What happens to players when they play games with music in the background? Below are the likely effects:

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  1. It sets the pace: Suppose you’re playing a game with different levels. Music can help you gauge the pace of the game. It slows down when the pace reduces and speeds up as you near the end. Doing this subconsciously communicates levels to the player.
  2. It sets the tone: Games can be adventurous, relaxed, or otherwise. And music can communicate the environment to the player. For example, card games have pensive music that pushes players to think about their moves. But slots have happy tunes that relate to their simplistic gameplay. As such, the player can react accordingly.
  3. It amplifies the gaming effects: Developers use many graphics to simulate games. For example, when a dealer shuffles the cards, the developers make the shuffles appear lifelike. But the graphics alone are not very convincing. Adding music to the scene makes the graphics more captivating. As such, developers use music in most scenes, such as:
      • To signify the start of the game, e.g., on the welcome screen,
      • To show a change in environment. A good example is a game with different tournaments. The music changes for each level to allow the player to master the changes.
      • To advertise possible add-ons: Most developers use upsell strategies to get players to buy features such as virtual coins, stars, and diamonds to elevate their games. The use of music attracts attention to such upsells, which increases their ROI.
  4. It communicates emotions: Music is a great way to help players understand their feelings. For example, loud, cheery music when a player wins helps them celebrate their victory. But the opposite helps them come to terms with their loss. It is like an ally in the game.
  5. It makes the game exciting: While games are fun, the graphics and the music play an integral role in the gameplay. A game featuring music is much more enjoyable than one without sounds. As such, players can enjoy the gameplay for longer.

The use of music in games also increases playtime as players hardly notice the passing of time. Moreover, it pulls players into the game, increasing their accuracy.