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How Music Transformed the Slots Industry

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Music is present and used in almost all industries. From ads to slot games, music is used in all types of forms to influence individuals and trigger an emotional response.

As many studies and reports show, the power of music is undeniable. It can influence not only our mental health but also our physical health by reducing pain, anxiety, insomnia, and blood pressure.

Due to its many health benefits, music is used in many types of therapies and in health centers.

Music is also frequently used in the entertainment sector. Films will use music to add rhythm, pace and encourage a specific type of emotional response from their viewers.

Similarly, the most competitive slots operators use music to create a certain feel and environment for their players. Often there are music themed slot games available to attract players who resonate with the artist or band to play.

This article will explore how music has been used within the slot industry and how it has transformed it.

Why is music used in slot games?

There are several reasons behind the use of music in games. Here are some of the main ones.

1. Music reinforces a theme

Slot games are now mostly centered around a specific theme or storyline. For example, there are popular Irish-themed slot games and Ancient Greece slot games on the market.

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These games are built around a strong theme. The visuals, the storyline, the characters and the sound design all reinforce that theme to create a uniform game.

The music has to align with the game’s theme for it to be consistent and to create an immersive and entertaining environment for the viewers. If the music were to be vastly different from the theme, it would put off players and distract them from the game.

They would feel disconnected from the game instead of immersed in its world. For example, adding a Wild West musical theme to an Ancient Greece slot game would create a gap and a discrepancy that could frustrate and confuse players.

In other words, music can reinforce a game’s theme and contribute to its unique identity. It can help immerse players in the game’s world, making their experience more enjoyable.

2. Music can add or ease tensions

As with film music, game music can add or ease tensions. It can signal the end of a tense or scary scene and set the mood for the next one.

For example, when a slot machine’s reels are spinning the music will usually reach a crescendo to create more tension and suspense.

When the final symbols appear on the reels, the music will mirror the final result, thereby indicating whether the player has won or lost the game.

Music is used in games to reflect the action on screen and accentuate the emotional experience and responses felt by the player. This boosts the adrenaline rush that the player feels and helps create a more lively and exciting experience for them through the physical response it induces.

3. Music can influence a player’s decisions

Music can also influence a player’s decision making skills. For example, with more adventurous and upbeat music, players will feel more optimistic and will be more willing to take risks.

With more meditative or calm music, they will reflect more on their choices and will proceed more carefully.

Game developers and creators are aware of these differences and will usually use calmer music for more decisive moments in a game. They will put more adventurous and upbeat music on a game’s home page to encourage players to start a new round and place higher bets.

4. Music to set the pace or tone of the game

As touched upon previously, music can really set the tone and pace of a game. It brings rhythm to a game and helps players anticipate its speed.

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With slot games, game creators usually choose fast-paced music to reflect the short and quick format of the game. They know that individuals who play slot games love how concise and fast the game goes.

For other games, such as poker, they tend to pick slower-paced music that slowly builds up to mirror the game’s longer format and pace.

5. Music mixed with sound effects   

Game creators also love to mix music and sound effects together. They will use a track that reflects the game and mimic the real-life sound effects that the game would have.

For example, a slot machine in a land-based casino tends to have loud spinning reels, electrical buzzing sounds from the lights around it, and bells or rewards sounds for winners.

Many online slot games include these sounds in their music to recreate a real slot machine and offer a more immersive experience. Players can listen and pay close attention to these sounds next time they play a slot game.

Final thoughts

This article presented five top reasons why music is used in slot games, how it is used and what it successfully accomplishes. As described in the article, music is a great tool for game creators as it contributes to a game’s overall tone, pace, feel, theme, and identity.