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Scott Weiland’s Solo Debut Expanded for 25th Anniversary

'12 Bar Blues' will re-appear in two different versions this spring
Scott Weiland on Jan. 24, 2015 (photo: Larry Busacca / Getty Images).

Late Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland‘s 1998 solo debut, 12 Bar Blues, will be reissued in expanded form this spring by Rhino in celebration of its 25th anniversary.

First up on April 22 (Record Store Day) is a double-vinyl, newly remastered set marking the first edition of 12 Bar Blues in this format. The limited run of 7,500 copies includes three previously unreleased tracks: an acoustic take on the album’s “Barbarella” and two session outtakes, “Lazy Divey” and “Chateau Mars.” The latter two were considered for inclusion on 12 Bar Blues until very late in the process, and even appeared on promo versions sent to the press by Atlantic Records, but were ultimately cut.

A digital edition of the album follows on May 12, with five additional unreleased tracks. One of them, a demo of “Barbarella,” is out today (March 31) in tandem with a new 4K version of the song’s original music video. The others comprise three unheard Daniel Lanois remixes and a demo of “Desperation #5.”

12 Bar Blues originally appeared while Stone Temple Pilots was on a hiatus following its 1996 album Tiny Music … Songs From the Vatican Gift Shop. It was co-produced by Weiland with Blair Lamb and features guest appearances by Sheryl Crow, pianist Brad Mehldau, and a trio of musicians dubbed the Magnificent Bastards: Victor Indrizzo, Zander Schloss, and Jeff Nolan.

After struggling with substance issues for years, Weiland died Dec. 3, 2015, at the age of 48. Stone Temple Pilots now features vocalist Jeff Gutt performing with original members Robert and Dean DELeo and Eric Kretz; the group will appear on select dates during Smashing Pumpkins’ summer The World Is a Vampire tour.


Here is the double-vinyl track list for 12 Bar Blues:

Side One
1. “Desperation #5”
2. “Barbarella”
3. “About Nothing”
4. “Where’s the Man”

Side Two
1. “Divider”
2. “Cool Kids”
3. “The Date”
4. “Son”

Side Three
1. “Jimmy Was a Stimulator”
2. “Lady, Your Roof Brings Me Down”
3. “Mockingbird Girl”
4. “Opposite Octave Reaction”

Side Four
1. “Barbarella” – Acoustic Version *
2. “Lazy Divey” *
3. “Chateau Mars” *

Here is the digital track list for 12 Bar Blues:

1. “Desperation #5”
2. “Barbarella”
3. “About Nothing”
4. “Where’s the Man”
5. “Divider”
6. “Cool Kids”
7. “The Date”
8. “Son”
9. “Jimmy Was a Stimulator”
10. “Lady, Your Roof Brings Me Down”
11. “Mockingbird Girl”
12. “Opposite Octave Reaction”
13. “Barbarella” – Acoustic Version *
14. “Lazy Divey” *
15. “Chateau Mars” *
16. “Barbarella” – Daniel Lanois Mix *
17. “Cool Kiss” – Daniel Lanois Mix *
18. “Lady, Your Roof Brings Me Down” – Daniel Lanois Mix *
19. “Barbarella” – Demo Version *
20. “Desperation #5” – Demo Version *

* previously unreleased