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Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter Releasing Score For Mythologies Ballet

It's his first major project since the 2021 dissolution of the beloved French electronic duo

Daft Punk co-founder Thomas Bangalter has set an April 7 release date for his first orchestral work, which was commissioned by choreographer Angelin Preljocaj for the ballet Mythologies. It is Bangalter’s first substantive set of new music since Daft Punk’s abrupt 2021 dissolution.

Per a description on Preljocaj’s website, Mythologies explores “our contemporary rituals, along with the founding myths that shape our collective imagination. Like the impressionists before him, Preljocaj utilizes our ideals and beliefs to reveal what is lying within the folds of our existence, thus inducing a dialogue between ancient and modern mythologies.”


For the score, which he was invited to compose in the fall of 2019, Bangalter nodded to Baroque music and American minimalism. The project is said to have been presented to him “at the very moment” he “was itching to write for a full orchestra.”

“This score does not draw on the resources of electronic music but instead involves the large-scale traditional force of a symphony and, as such, it embraces the history of orchestral ballet music in a gesture that is both personal and collaborative,” reads a statement about Bangalter’s work on Mythologies.

Of added significance is the fact that Bangalter is represented in the statement by an illustration of himself, marking what is believed to be the first time his face has been seen in official promotional materials. Aside from a handful of early-career performances, Daft Punk wore helmets for nearly every public appearance until its split, including at the 2014 Grammys.

Thomas Bangalter’s Mythologies tracklist:

I. Premiers Mouvements
II. Le Catch
III. Thalestris
IV. Les Gémeaux I
V. Les Amazones
VI. L’Arrivée d’Alexandre
VII. Treize Nuits
VIII. Danae
IX. Zeus
X. L’Accouchement
XI. Les Gorgones
XII. Renaissances
XIII. Le Minotaure
XIV. Eden
XV. Arès
XVI. Aphrodite
XVII. Les Naïades
XVIII. Pas de Deux
XIX. Circonvolutions
XX. Les Gémeaux II
XXI. Icare
XXII. Danse Funèbre
XXIII. La Guerre