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Criminal Justice Reform

Jukebox the Ghost’s Ben Thornewill Discusses Criminal Justice Reform, ACLU With SPIN IMPACT

Exploring the dark side of America's criminal justice system
BIRMINGHAM, AL - APRIL 14: Ben Thornewill of Jukebox the Ghost performs at Saturn Birmingham on April 14, 2018 in Birmingham, Alabama. (Photo by David A. Smith/Getty Images)

Ben Thornewill, Jukebox the Ghost pianist and vocalist, discusses criminal justice reform in a recent interview with SPIN. During his interview, the singer got candid about the dark side of the criminal justice system and how a small infraction with the law can negatively impact a person’s entire life.

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“People who get into the system are given no shot if they don’t have someone to advocate for them, don’t have financial means, don’t have family support or are struggling with drug addiction issues and get wrapped up in a petty crime,” he told SPIN. “It can ruin people’s lives so quickly. There are so many stories of people who make a small mistake, especially if [they’re] a person of color, a black man. The things that can cascade so quickly to completely derail a life are addressable and fixable. It just has to start with reform at a city level or at a county level.”
-Ben Thornewill