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Tigercub Battles ‘Decay’ on Debut Loosegroove Single

U.K. rock trio will be on North American tour starting next month.
(Credit: Bridie Florence)

U.K. rock trio Tigercub has released its first music for Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard’s Loosegroove label in the form of the single “The Perfume of Decay.” The track is expected to appear on the group’s full-length Loosegroove debut next year.

The measured heaviness of “The Perfume of Decay” will be music to the ears of Queens Of The Stone Age and Muse fans, with frontman Jamie Hall calling it the beginning of a new era for us. This is Tigercub at its heaviest, its most accomplished and most unapologetic.”

The song itself concerns the omnipresence of the Internet and social media, or what Hall calls “the public ledger where I must amend my social CV daily, to portray my life to others in the most rose-tinted and ineffable way possible. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth, of course. Beneath this facade I am crumbling, cascading into despair and at odds with my emotions. ‘The Perfume of Decay’ is my expression of this feeling, an argument between affectation and naturalness.”


Gossard gushed to SPIN earlier this year about signing Tigercub to Loosegroove, calling Hall an “insane riffmaster.” He added, “This band is generational, and Jamie’s a natural star. Loosegroove couldn’t be happier working with Tigercub.”

Tigercub will be on tour in North America later this month, beginning Oct. 20 in Chicago. European dates are on tap in December as support for Clutch.