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Rhye’s Michael Milosh Sues Ex-Wife’s Attorneys for Malicious Prosecution

Case stems from Alexa Nikolas' 2021 allegations of sexual abuse by Milosh
(Photo: Scott Dudelson / WireImage)

After Alexa Nikolas dropped her civil lawsuit alleging sexual abuse by her ex-husband, Rhye‘s Michael Milosh, at the end of May, Milosh has now filed his own lawsuit against her attorneys for malicious prosecution.

Nikolas detailed her allegations against Milosh in a series of March 2021 Instagram posts, around the time they were divorced. Milosh denied the claims shortly thereafter.

According to the lawsuit, Nikolas “waived any and all claims against Mr. Milosh, confirming that she was not the victim of any sort of assault or abuse and that she did not have any claims to assert against him” as part of their previously stipulated judgment and divorce decree.

As such, “the lawsuit lacked probable cause and was filed for malicious reasons. Mr. Milosh was forced to retain counsel and move to dismiss the lawsuit. Defendants did not even oppose the dismissal. They did not oppose it because they knew from the onset that they lacked any basis to assert a viable claim. But Defendants filed it because they thought they could use the publicity to extort a settlement from Mr. Milosh. When that did not work, Defendants dismissed the lawsuit. But the dismissal came too late. By then, the damage was done. Mr. Milosh’s reputation, which he built over the past 20 years, was ruined.”

The filing continues, “as a result, Mr. Milosh has suffered, and continues to suffer, millions in ongoing damages. Mr. Milosh is suing Defendants for malicious prosecution to vindicate his reputation and to recover the substantial damages that Defendants’ misconduct has caused.”

Rhye’s most recent album is 2021’s Home. Milosh returned to live performance this spring for the first time since late 2019 and will perform four shows in Mexico over the next week.

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