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Angel Olsen Shares Trailer for Big Time

Project will arrive the day before the album of the same name is released
Angel Olsen
(Photo: Angela Ricciardi)

Angel Olsen has announced that her forthcoming album Big Time will be released alongside an accompanying film made in collaboration with director Kimberly Stuckwisch. Stuckwisch previously worked with Olsen on the video for her collaboration with Sharon Van Etten, “Like I Used To.”

As part of Amazon Music’s Pride Month programming, the film will premiere on June 2 on the Amazon Music Twitch channel, the day before Big Time is released by Jagjaguwar. It will be screened theatrically May 17 in London and June 1-2 at separate events in Los Angeles. A trailer is out now and features “Chasing the Sun” and “Through the Fires” from Big Time.



“It’s a story that targets deep rooted complexities such as how our unconscious deals with repressed sexual identity, the hardships of letting go of our past selves in order to step into self actualization, and the guilt we hold when dealing with loss,” Stuckwisch said of the film. “For one reason or another, we all have parts of ourselves that we struggle to forgive as well as a part of ourselves we are afraid of exploring or that we think society won’t like—so we push those parts down into our unconscious psyches, into the shadows. This is the story of drowning in those fears before releasing your light.”

As previously reported, Olsen started recording Big Time within weeks of both of her parents passing away. She had also just come out to them, about which she admits, “some experiences just make you feel as though you’re five years old, no matter how wise or adult you think you are. Finally, at the ripe age of 34, I was free to be me.”

Big Time Screenings:

May 17: London (Everyman Screen on the Green)

June 1: Los Angeles (Grammy Museum)

June 2: Los Angeles (Brain Dead Studios)