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Oklahoma Smokes Let You Ditch Tobacco and Nicotine Without Ditching Cigarettes

Made with all-natural hemp flower, their the perfect alternative to traditional cigarettes
Oklahoma Smokes hemp flower cigarettes
Image via Oklahoma Smokes

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You already know tobacco cigarettes are bad for your health. And you also probably know that the nicotine found in tobacco is extremely addictive. That’s why it’s so hard to quit smoking. But with Oklahoma Smokes, you can quit tobacco and nicotine even if you’re not ready to quit smoking.

Tobacco-free Oklahoma Smokes are made with all-natural hemp flower and designed to be the perfect alternative to traditional cigs. They’re delicious and offer a smoking experience that’s virtually identical to the one you know and love, but they contain no tobacco and no nicotine. And not only that, but they do contain CBD, which is known to have its own benefits.

Oklahoma Smokes: Tobacco-Free Hemp Flower Cigarettes

Oklahoma Smokes hemp flower cigarettes
Image via Oklahoma Smokes

It’s hard to quit smoking traditional cigarettes. But Oklahoma Smokes can be an ideal way to kick your nicotine habit once and for all. Besides weening off nicotine, one of the biggest challenges of quitting is giving up the mechanical ritual of smoking itself – the cigarette after a meal, let’s say, or having something to do with your hands during conversations. With Oklahoma Smokes, you can give up tobacco without giving up these treasured rituals cold turkey. That’s why Oklahoma Smokes are an ideal aid – particularly when used in conjunction with other products, like nicotine gum or patches. Put simply, these tobacco-free cigs take the edge off and help curb cravings by satisfying the urge to smoke.

Research shows that Oklahoma Smokes can be helpful when quitting smoking. But they’re so tasty and pleasurable that it’s almost beside the point. They’re not just free of tobacco and nicotine, but they also contain no additives. The only discernible difference you’re likely to notice between Oklahoma Smokes and traditional brands is that they burn a little faster due to their additive-free paper.

And Oklahoma Smokes are now available in menthol flavor. So if you’re ready to give Oklahoma Smokes a try, it’s a great time. A 20-pack of their pure hemp CBD cigarettes is marked down from $15.99 to $11.99 at the Oklahoma Smokes online store. Want to save even more? Bump your order up to three packs for free shipping, five packs to receive a mystery gift, or 10-packs for an extra discount of $16. And you can save even more with a monthly subscription that will keep you stocked up on Oklahoma Smokes without having to remember to order more.

Head over to the Oklahoma Smokes shop now and give them a try.