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Let’s Eat Grandma Ring in 2022 With Bright, ’80s Synthesizers

British pop duo unveiled the third single and video for "New Year's Day"
Let's Eat Grandma

Three days in, and 2022 is sounding a bit more like 1982 thanks to this catchy, synth-soaked single by the British pop duo Let’s Eat Grandma. Aptly titled “New Year’s Day,” this is the third single from their forthcoming third album, Two Ribbons, which arrives April 8th on Transgressive Records. 

In the new video directed by Noel Paul, bandmates Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth square off in a tennis match that leads to a bloody nose, a reconciliation, and — as you might expect from the title — a ton of fireworks. It’s a 

Joyous as the song sounds, Walton explained that she wrote the song as a kind of olive branch to her bandmate, Jenny Hollingworth “after a breakdown that lasted for a long period of time.” Walton said in a press statement that she hoped the song would convey how important their friendship is and how much faith she has in their ability to overcome any misunderstandings. 

“I used the setting of New Year as both an opportunity for reflection, looking back nostalgically through childhood memories that we shared, and to represent the beginning of a fresh chapter for us,” Walton said. “I’d been struggling to come to terms with the fact that our relationship had changed, but … [I’ve] come to accept that it couldn’t stay the way it was when we were kids forever, and start to view it as a positive thing — because now we have been able to grow into our own individual selves.” 

Let’s Eat Grandma’s last single and video for “Hall of Mirrors” came out last September. Pre-order Two Ribbons here.