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Watch Let’s Eat Grandma Walk Through A ‘Hall Of Mirrors’

Let’s Eat Grandma released a glistening video for their newest single, the synthpop-laden “Hall Of Mirrors.”

This is the first music in three years from the British duo, Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth. The pop song is rendered through the dreamlike video directed by El Hardwick.

In the bright, yet blurry video, Let’s Eat Grandma play games and ride a carousel at a fair. With a disposable-camera-like filter effect, the two make walking through a hall of mirrors look really cool in the five-minute mini-movie.

“I wanted to use the setting of a fairground at night to describe the dizziness, intensity and excitement of being with a woman I had strong feelings for, and the hall of mirrors as a metaphor for discovering and exploring parts of myself that I was bringing to life,” Walton said in a statement. “In some ways it’s reflective and almost secretive, journeying through confusing and difficult emotions, but I also wanted ‘Hall of Mirrors’ to be a euphoric song that conveys clarity, confidence, and ultimately joy.”

Check it out below.



At only 17 years old, Walton and Hollingworth released their debut I, Gemini in 2016. Their second album I’m All Ears received high praise in 2018.