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Earl Sweatshirt Unveils New Single ‘2010’

The LA rapper has only collaborated with other artists since his last solo release in 2019
Earl Sweatshirt
Ryosuke Tanzawa

In his first solo release since 2019, Earl Sweatshirt just released a brand new single “2010” via Tan Cressida and Warner Records.



“2010” reflects on the rapper’s trajectory of success: spitting introspections on his meek beginnings, ripping into the track with “Imma need a bigger bag for the cohort / Try to make a millionaire outta slumdogs.” Earl fans have been anticipating new music, and new rumors circulated when Earl recently revealed coordinates that lead fans to cryptic billboards that contain an augmented reality filter.

Since his 2019 Feet of Clay, Thebe Neruda Kgositsile (a.k.a. Earl) has appeared on tracks with The Alchemist, Armand Hammer, Maxo, Mike, Wiki, Zelooperz, 03 Greedo and more.

The original Odd Future member helped out Zelooperz back in 2019 for “Easter Sunday” off his own Dyn-o-mite.  At 16 years old, he released his debut Doris in 2013 with Odd Future’s label, and following the year unveiled his sophomore I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go OutsideSPIN reviewed his third studio recordSome Rap Songs, which features one of his most streamed singles on Spotify, “Riot!”  wrote: “Some Rap Songs is a portrait of an artist in the midst of a nightmare, and its sound—harsh, unfinished, disorienting, deliberately wrong—is a reflection of that mindstate.”


2010, Earl Sweatshirt
Tan Cressida/Warner Records, 2021