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See St. Vincent Chase Herself in Haunting ‘The Nowhere Inn’ Video

(Credit: Laura Studarus)

In lieu of the upcoming film The Nowhere Inn where she stars with Carrie Brownstein, St. Vincent has shared a video for the film’s title track.

Here, she stands behind a singer that is performing to a packed audience in an elegant theatre, while she is actually the one singing for the poser performer, as they both bear matching green gowns. St. Vincent and the performer are mimicking each other’s graceful hand gestures, and when the curtain closes, she chases her doppelganger through several red curtains. Singing “Been waiting now for years to see you / In my everlasting mirror,” she approaches and tries to turn around the fake-St. Vincent, to find out she has no face at all and pulls out a ring from her hair.

After reading her name imprinted into the ring, naturally, she eats it. The video beautifully mirrors the song, representing a chase to find oneself in their own music.

In addition to starring in the film, St. Vincent also wrote the soundtrack.

Check it out below.



Both the video and the film are directed by Bill Benz. The Nowhere Inn film is set to arrive on September 17 on movie streaming sites and in select theaters.

St. Vincent headlined the Pitchfork Music Festival earlier this month. Check out SPIN‘s photographs of her performing at the fest.