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AFI Release Two New Songs and Video for ‘Dulcería,’ Co-Written by Billy Corgan

Bodies might not be out for another couple of months, but that’s not stopping AFI from releasing yet another pair of new songs, as they did in January and February.

The rock icons released both “Dulcería” and “Far Too Near” late Thursday night (or Friday morning, depending on where you live) with a brand new video for the former. Check out the video for “Dulcería” below.



But perhaps the most noteworthy thing about “Dulcería” isn’t the video, but the collaborator that lifelong musical partners Davey Havok and Jade Puget brought in to help the band. Co-written by Billy Corgan, the track is basically a Noel Gallagher appearance short of the Smashing Pumpkins’ 2019 tour.

“Billy and I have a great creative connection when we’re writing together,” Puget said in a statement. “It was inspiring to work with such a talented and legendary songwriter and ‘Dulcería’ is a testament to that.”

“‘Dulcería’ suggests, if you spend too much time in the candy store you may end up stuck to the floor,” Havok added.

The track, along with “Far Too Near,” brings the total count of Bodies tracks up to six ahead of its June 11 release. Take a listen to the other new track below.