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SPIN Daybreaker: 15 Emotional Songs for Your Emotional Heart

Buenas tardes, Daybreakers! Our favorite day of the week has arrived yet again, which means a new collection of music from the hottest rising musicians traversing the bedroom pop, Latin indie and R&B landscapes. This week showcases a group of artists that master the art of silky, uptempo rhythms, romantic lyricism, and catchy melodies with undeniable grooves.

Standouts include remarkable contemporary singer/songwriter Kenneth Whalum, who will serenade you with his gentle yet, expressive croon on “One More Kiss,” Chilean rising indie outfit chicarica who brings an exciting and rhythmic indie alternative track, “diamantes,” and lastly the mysterious duo, sadboy hour, who delivers a minimal and emotionally captivating track, “don’t shut me out.”

Turn on this mix, let your emotions run rampant, and be unapologetically you. As always, sit back, relax, and discover with SPIN Daybreaker. Keep up with all new artists and let us know who you would like to be featured in our weekly roundup by following us on socials! (IG/FB/Twitter)