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SPIN Daybreaker: 24 Songs That Are Larger Than Life

We’re finally in April and it’s only fitting we bring forth a mega-mix to set the momentum for the 28 days ahead. Daybreaker has arrived…
Eleni Rodriguez / April 2, 2021

SPIN Daybreaker: 17 Songs That Will Boost Your Mood

It’s the first lovely Friday of spring and what better way to celebrate the coming of better weather and fun times than driving down the…
Eleni Rodriguez / March 26, 2021

SPIN Daybreaker: 12 Songs That’ll Awaken Your Adventurous Spirit

It’s a beautiful Friday and we’re ecstatic to be back with a new Daybreaker roundup. We have a bright collection of indie songs coming from…
Eleni Rodriguez / March 19, 2021

SPIN Daybreaker: 22 Songs to Escape From It All

It's Friday, which means the best day of our week has arrived. We hope you’re ready for this weekend’s musical destination: Indie Dreamland. Daybreaker is…
Eleni Rodriguez / March 12, 2021

SPIN Daybreaker: 21 Songs for Good Times

It's a great day for another great playlist and as this week comes to a close, it's time for a weekend celebration. Daybreaker is back…
Eleni Rodriguez / March 5, 2021

SPIN Daybreaker: 15 Emotional Songs for Your Emotional Heart

Buenas tardes, Daybreakers! Our favorite day of the week has arrived yet again, which means a new collection of music from the hottest rising musicians…
Eleni Rodriguez / February 26, 2021

SPIN Daybreaker: 19 Songs for Your Soul

Welcome back, Daybreakers. We're cruising back into your life this week with an incredibly soulful roundup of artists that are sure to catch your attention.
Eleni Rodriguez / February 19, 2021

SPIN Daybreaker: 16 Songs for Your Next Road Trip

Daybreaker is back with an alternative state of mind this week, showcasing some of the best storytellers within the indie rock, alternative and jazz music…
Eleni Rodriguez / February 5, 2021

SPIN Daybreaker: 14 Songs to Soundtrack Your Life

Once again, another seven days has somehow passed by. Another cycle to experience life’s spontaneity and ruminate about who we are and being unapologetic about…
Eleni Rodriguez / January 29, 2021

SPIN Daybreaker: 12 New Songs To Unwind With

Welcome back, Daybreakers. It's another Friday and looking back at the past seven days, it’s safe to say a wave of hope has been cast…
Eleni Rodriguez / January 22, 2021

SPIN Daybreaker: 21 Artists Breaking Into 2021

Last year had 2,020 problems, but music thankfully wasn't one of them. The time has come to venture into a new year of discovering the…
Eleni Rodriguez / January 15, 2021

SPIN Daybreaker: 21 Songs to Get You Through Things

Another week has flown by and even though things are unpredictable these days, you can always count on music to be a faithful constant. We…
Eleni Rodriguez / December 18, 2020

SPIN First Look: LP Delivers An Explosive Drive-In Performance

LP’s recent drive-in performances in Southern California were a much-needed reprieve from the lack of live music in 2020. If you missed the opportunity to…
Eleni Rodriguez / December 15, 2020

SPIN Daybreaker: 14 Songs To Start Your Solo Technicolor Dance Party

We’re coming in bright-eyed and bushy-tailed with another Daybreaker roundup sure to get you on your feet. This week’s vibe brings an array of colorful…
Eleni Rodriguez / December 11, 2020

SPIN Daybreaker: 16 Songs That Speak to Your Soul

December has quickly approached and boy, did we miss you last week. With a full tummy and some cozy toes, we’re more than thankful to…
Eleni Rodriguez / December 4, 2020

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