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Jack Black Gives Wet and Wild Performance of ‘WAP’

Jack Black jumping

Eight months into the global pandemic, people are starting to feel that fatigue. But it looks like Jack Black has plenty of excess energy and humor.

The musician and actor, suited up in a tiny red swimsuit, with a hose spewing water on him (courtesy of “hose water technician”), got wet and went to “werk” on Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B‘s smash hit, “WAP.”

Like hordes of TikTok videos recapturing the iconic dance, Black does his best to high kick, twirl and undulate along to the song. And yes, he does do the pelvic moves on the floor, too.

And it looks like the world is loving it, too. Public Enemy commented on his moves by saying “Nice Windmill,” while Robert Downey, Jr. said, “Get it!”

Jeremy Renner, Beck, Naomi Watts, Colin Hanks, Ben Lee, Willie Garson, Cypress Hill‘s B-Real, Ed Helms and more have also shared some positive and hilarious feedback.

“How dare you NOT do this on the giant trampoline behind you?!?!!!” Helms wrote in the comments.

Watch Jack Black’s performance below. Beware — you may never be able to unsee this image.


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