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Spoon to Reissue Previously Out of Print Albums in Slay on Cue Series

Spoon has a prolific catalog that literally goes back decades, even if you were unable to get your hands on some of those releases…until now.

The Austin-based indie rockers announced the formation of their Slay on Cue series, which will dust off those earlier works and release them in a physical manner for the first time since in years, or in some cases, the first time ever on Matador Records. In an announcement on their website, original edition reissues of the first seven Spoon albums, including the Soft Effects EP which is out on July 24, will be part of the series.

Also to be reissued are 1998’s A Series of SneaksGirls Can Tell from 2001, Kill the Moonlight in 2002, and 2010’s Transference.

As part of the first Record Store Day Drop, Spoon is releasing a new fan-curated greatest hits compilation titled All the Weird Kids Up Front (Mas Rolas Chidas). Preorder the albums here.

A new video for “Small Stakes” from Kill the Moonlight was shared as well, and you can see that below.

Here are the dates for the releases:

July 24
Telephono / Soft Effects EP

Aug. 14
A Series Of Sneaks / Girls Can Tell / Kill The Moonlight

Sept. 11
Gimme Fiction / Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, Transference

Slay On Cue

U.S.-specific release dates:

July 24
Telephono / Soft Effects EP

August 14
Girls Can Tell

August 29
All the Weird Kids Up Front (Mas Rolas Chidas)
(Record Store Day limited release of a fan-curated greatest hits album)

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