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Third Eye Blind Share Cover of Joy Division’s ‘Disorder’

Third Eye Blind

Joining the chorus of other artists paying to tribute to Joy Division singer Ian Curtis, who died 40 years ago today (May 18), Third Eye Blind have shared their take on the band’s “Disorder.”

“While recording demos for a new EP, Kryz insisted we try ‘Disorder’ before going to lunch. We just threw it down without the intention of anyone hearing it, but later realized it had that hungry nervous energy that has always felt Joy Division to me,” singer Stephan Jenkins said in a statement.

“It’s rough and raw and demands to be heard. This, the 40th Anniversary of Ian’s death coinciding with one of the most consequential mental health awareness months it seemed fitting that we put this out rough edges and all. I hope our version touches people in a way that JoyDivision has always moved me,” he continued.

“Disorder” led off the band’s now-classic 1979 album Unknown Pleasures. This is just one of the many tributes to Curtis and Joy Division on the anniversary of his death. Bernard Sumner and Stephen Morris of New Order (and Curtis’ old Joy Division bandmates) and Brandon Flowers are paying tribute to Curtis in another livestream. Also, a number of artists, including Peter Hook, remembered Curtis in our tribute to the singer.

Check out the band’s version of “Disorder” below.