Kendall Roy’s Succession Season 2 Rap Is Now Streaming

Last season’s Succession had its fair share of moments, but none was quite as, uh, interesting as when Kendall Roy (for a lack of a better term) let loose with a freestyle that was supposed to pay tribute to his father Logan “L to the OG.”

Now, you can listen to that moment without having to scroll through the episode (and/or YouTube).

HBO released a version of that, which features the vocals of Jeremy Strong and musical composition by Nicholas Britell. And, it’s just as cringeworthy as you remember when it first happened.

For those of you unfamiliar, here are some of the lyrics: “Bro, don’t get it twisted, I’ve been through hell / But since I stan Dad, I’m alive and well. Shaper of views, creator of news / Father of many, paid all his dues.

The Succession Season 2 soundtrack is out this Friday.

Listen below to “L to the OG” below.


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